Project Manager vs. Construction Manager

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All and every kind of project done requires various leadership and management types to ensure that everything goes smoothly and without any problem. Deciding the right kind of leadership and management is equally important in every project. If the right kind of management can boost the employees’ morale, lousy management can cause them to leave the project altogether. There are times when the roles and responsibilities of some are mixed with that of others.

While there are project and construction managers present in the same tasks, their roles differ. Let’s have a deeper understanding of the roles of both.

Steven Scalabrini

Project Manager

A project manager looks after all the management responsibilities starting from a project conceptualization to completing the project. They are supposed to overlook all the project processes and are required to make sure that everything goes smoothly without any problem or trouble. They are also required to ensure that everything stays on schedule and does not exceed the already set budget.

A project manager has a higher level of authority but works alongside the construction manager and overlooks the project. He also does regular site visits and project management meetings to ensure everyone is working according to the schedule and is not facing any problems.

A project can work without a construction manager but not without a project manager.

Construction Manager:

A construction manager is in charge of the construction. Although he is below the project manager in terms of power and authority, he should be underestimated at any cost. A construction manager has the best knowledge and the rights set of skills to work in the field. The skills and expertise include all the different inceptions.

The role of a construction manager is diverse, and they are supposed to handle most of it. They handle all the subcontractors and all the possible parties included in the construction. They are the signing authority on a contract and responsible for all the hire’s people, including the subcontractors. Construction managers administer the construction budget and ensure that all the building material is delivered to the construction site on time.

If deemed necessary, they can also request work order changes and decide what is best according to the project he is running regarding federal and state laws. He also has the responsibility to meet with various people, including clients, consultants, engineers, and even inspectors, during the construction and answer any questions that they might have.

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