How to Assess the Success of Any Project?

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There are new opportunities and challenges of each project which are defined as per their specific aspects. Projects could be explained using the terms: “temporary, limited, unique, multidisciplinary and innovative”. It is not astonishing that an entire division of management is focused on this concept. Nevertheless, an aspect related to its which is yet not solved is the aspect of project success and its analysis. Nevertheless, it should be acknowledged that the complex and multidimensional features of the concept make it challenging to present one single complete definition of the term success. Yet, defining success for certain projects appear to be a task that can be managed. It is essential to determine the success factors and evaluation factors as only then you will be able to determine the success of your project.

Steven Scalabrini

Description of success is an imperative task:

During the initial stages of project management, description of success using the “iron triangle” was quite common. It includes quality, time, and costs. But with increasing scientific and empirical information, it became apparent that these factors, although very significant, are not the only factors to be considered. Also, there are many other perspectives through which a project could be evaluated. Besides this, several aspects related to project success could be stated as implicit even though they are not quite clear, like customer satisfaction, and are not easy to assess. Thus, the query of defining project success is still unresolved.

Determine valid guidelines for project assessment:

One of the major difficulties due to which field experts are not able to develop valid guidelines for project evaluation is that there is no clear and consistent description of what success is. Following this, he stated that there have been very unclear attempts to describe success. The concept of success is so difficult to explain. Yet, such a difficulty does not seem to prevent experts of subject matter to propose frameworks for project success assessment. These efforts actually lead to subjectivity in the concept of project success which enables interpretation that could be useful since it motivates field experts to consider a more expanded range of situations.

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How to Assess the Success of Any Project?unratedSteven Scalabrini2020-11-13 15:47:25There are new opportunities and challenges of each project which are defined as per their specific aspects. Projects could be explained using the term…

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