A Construction Management Career: Is It Worth It?

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Construction management is one of the new professions that are quickly making its way to the top of the list for the most lucrative careers (if the predicted 11% employment rate increase in the next ten years is anything to go by). However, that’s not enough of a reason for you to throw away thousands of dollars for a degree. Before considering any career path, it’s very important to know if it’s actually the right one for you. What about construction management?

Steven Scalabrini

Demand for new construction managers

For starters, with the growing construction activity, the demand for construction managers is steadily rising, leading to a lot more employment opportunities even for people with relatively less experience. Additionally, with the average annual salary of 90 to110k, it is guaranteed to give you a comfortable- if not lavish- lifestyle. Flexible working hours, on-site work, and a secure job is something that comes with the work.

Is getting a degree necessary?

Despite the glowing opportunities it gives you, a degree in construction management is relatively inexpensive with tuition starting as low as approximately $27,000 for four years. If you pair that with some internships and a few odd jobs here and there, you’re pretty much set to start your career right after your degree. It’s also quite a fulfilling career path. With your projects coming to life right in front of you and you being in charge of the actual building, it fills you with a sense of immense pride to see it get built. Moreover, the different types of experiences, people, and projects keep the job fresh and interesting.

Be ready for the work load

However, it’s not easy to get to that stage. Construction Management has one of the hardest degrees with a workload that requires too much time, effort, and patience. Plus, the preference for on-site job experience often puts people in a tough spot, especially if it’s the first job you’re applying to. Then, the overwhelming amounts of work and technicalities is also not everyone’s cup of tea.

All in all, while a great career choice, it has a lot of difficulties as most jobs do. If you’re someone who’s passionate about it and can manage time and work well, then this is definitely worth it for you!

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Steven Scalabrini has years of experience in construction management. He has worked with multiple companies including C. Mancini Construction Drywall and Acoustical, Inc.

A Construction Management Career: Is It Worth It?unratedSteven Scalabrini2021-01-22 15:55:13Construction management is one of the new professions that are quickly making its way to the top of the list for the most lucrative careers (if the pr…

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