What Is Construction Management?

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In simple terms, construction management is a professional service in which the person handles the entire project. The job does not just require him to work in the field. Still, it requires him to effectively manage the whole project with the project manager’s help of the project manager and look after the schedule, resources, employees, costs, function, and everything else connected with the project. It also does not matter what the project is; it could be a high scale project or a low scale project; the construction manager is supposed to complete it successfully and projected.

Steven Scalabrini

Who does the Construction Manger work within a team?

A construction manager works with different people when in a team. These other people have different roles to play, but they share a few mutual responsibilities that they share at some point. Some of these people are:

  • The owner of the project

The first person is the one who owns the project. All the directions and requirements regarding the project come through him, and he is the one who sees that the construction manager is doing everything according to his need. He is also responsible for providing all the required resources, including the capital, and fulfilling other requirements.

  • The designer of the project

This could be anyone meaning either the architect or the engineer. They are the ones who design the different perspectives of the project and provide the basis for the construction manager and a direction for him to work on and lead it to the finishing line.

  • The contractor of the project

The third and the most important person in the project is the contractor. The contractor is the one who helps the construction manager and helps him overseeing the day to day activities and managing all the operations and other managing subcontractors work.

The construction manager works with all three and many other people ensuring that all the work is done on time and looks over the entire project. He makes sure that everything is decided before working and then goes everything according to the chosen plan avoiding the hassle. He also makes sure that it is fixed timely if anything goes wrong, fulfilling all the requirements.

Like any other degree, this also requires a lot of work and effort along with a degree. A construction manager should know of the different applications and software for project management to better complete his work.

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